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  1. Inspired by the French tradition of teaching children to appreciate fresh and healthful foods, The Children's Kitchen Garden offers a new approach to gardening, cooking, and learning that brings children and adults together.
  2. Root cellaring is a method of storing perishable fruits and vegetables, and this guide gives instruction on both improvising a small root cellar and constructing a true root cellar.
  3. 1989-09-01 The intent of this book is to create better vegetable gardening practices, not only in Haiti but in other places with hot climates. 49 pages, illustrated.
  4. 1985-01-01 This manual was designed to help development workers in starting kitchen garden projects in conjunction with health and nutrition programs.
  5. 1991-01-01 This report summarizes the workshop discussions and recommendations, addresses key issues concerning the role of household garden programs in rural development, and identifies viable implementation strategies drawn from the experiences of the workshop participants.
  6. 2008-01-01 In this edition, features such as hedges and tres and shrubs that give a garden its permanent character, come to the fore. Moreover, the emphasis is on ensuring that some vegetables are available throughout the year, even where the gardener faces water shortage.
  7. Turn nuts, vegetable seeds, grains, and beans into gourmet food. Includes recipes for sprout breads, cookies, crackers, soups, pizza, bagels, dressings, dips, spreads, sautes, nondairy milks, and ice-creams. Also food dehydrating, juicing, natural sodas, and foods glossary.
  8. 1993-01-01 This Primer on Vegetable Gardening was conceived in recognition of the potential role of vegetable gardening as an efficeient source of nutrition and cash income for poor families in the developing world. It is fully illustrated and contains simpleand precise information on vegetable gardening...
  9. This publication includes essential elements of organic pest and disease control and a guide to growing vegetables organically.
  10. As we move into a new century, hunger around the globe is one on the main problems that must be tackled. Hydroponics provides one way in which groups of indiviuals can provide food for their families and start their own cottage industries. This form of growing food should be widely known-it can...