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  1. This book attempts to focus attention on the tree's growth and its steadily increasing requirements and on the conditions that make it profitable as a producer of fruit.
  2. This publication contains common name, origin, forms, description, culture and cultivars of different fruit.
  3. 1984-01-01 An evaluation of the environmental aspects of fruit trees in agroforestry reveals that there can be significant advantages of soil improvment, microclimatic amelioration and environmental protection in fruit tree-based agroforestry systems.
  4. 1970-01-01 Proceedings of the Symposium. Papers on Macadamia, Lychee, Fruits of Israel, Citrus, Banana, Cacao, Minor Tropical Fruit in Florida, and mango and avocado.
  5. New, inexpensive, disease-free method of cultivating top fruit. 25 pages, illustrated, photos
  6. 1979-01-01 Store Publishing Bulletin A-35 Types of grafting are discussed along with ten essentials of successful grafting and budding, and the ten most-asked questions about grafting. 32 pages, illustrated 2 copies
  7. 1984-10-01 Discusses propagation, planting, pruning, cultivation, and pest control, recommends popular varieties of fruits, nuts, and berries, and lists the conditions required by each plant. 112 pages, illustrated, photos
  8. 1991-01-01 For cooperators in the F/Fred Leucaena Seed Orchard program for production of psyllid-resistant seed from selected parentage. 18 pages, illustrated, photos
  9. 1982-04-01 This manual is designed to convey insights into basic horticultural practices and techniques. Primary emphasis is given to providing explanations and illustrations of horticultural practices as they relate to fruit tree production. Care has been taken to make the content realistic and meaningful...
  10. 1986-01-01 Joing the ranks of gardeners who are discovering that they can harvest more from less space, and with less effort. Find out how it's possible to keep the garden producing year-round, not matter where you live. All the techniques you need to turn your garden into a lush, productive, nonstop...