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  1. Focusing primarily on the aesthetics of this new garden form, The Complete Kitchen Garden is a study in design for the home gardener. Garden site and size considerations are followed by recommendations for constructing paths, edges, beds, walls, fences, and other architectural elements. Lists of...
  2. This book contains information on color theory, seasonal plant ideas and spring, summer, autumn and winter gardens.
  3. 2004-03-18 A gardening system that works-so that you don't have to! Turn in your tiller for a stack of old newspapers! Replace your shovel with a layer of grass clippings! Let Pat Lanza show you how you can create lush, successful, easy-care gardens in practically any location without hours of back-breaking...
  4. What is No Till Gardening exactly? Methods that reduce or eliminate the breaking up and turning over of the soil – MINIMIZE SOIL DISRUPTION Planting in an “unprepared” seed bed (Ex. No Till Drill) Using available organic materials to smother/cover ground
  5. Sponsored by Double Harvest Inc. [et al] No page numbers, illustrated
  6. 1982-01-01 390 pages, illustrated
  7. 1987-01-01 223 pages, illustrated
  8. This new edition contains detailed and expert guidance for all phases of landscape design and installation, examples of actual landscape plans, handy charts and checklists, and over 130 inspiring photographs and 35 color illustrations.
  9. In this full-color eco-friendly guide to landscaping in Florida, the authors discuss trees, palms, shrubs, ground covers, and vines as well as the uses of mulches and compost. Additional problem-solving sections tackle soils and fertilizers, pruning, weeds, nematodes, plant diseases, and coping...