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  1. 1980-01-01 Though this book is intended for general use by persons without a technical background in the botanical sciences, every attempt has been made to keep it scienfigically accurate. Great reference book for the native plants of Florida.
  2. 1975-01-01 Each plant type (taxon) is discussed in a defined sequence and usually accompanied by a line drawing and identification characteristics related to leaf, bud, and stem. Certain plants are discussed under the heading "Related Species".
  3. 1986-01-01 Stresau, Frederic B. Florida, My Eden - Exotic and Native Plants for Use in Tropic and Sub-Tropic Landscape. Florida, Florida Classics Library, 1986. 23cm x 15.2cm. VIII, 301 pages. With illustrations of beautiful trees, plants and flowers. Original Softcover. Excellent condition with only minor...