1. 1987-01-01 261 pages, illustrated, photos
  2. 1992-01-01 54 pages, tables FORSPA Publication 1
  3. The book is intended primarily for use in North American forestry schools and in courses integrated with thos others that comprise the normal curriculum of instruction in professional forestry. A secondary purpose is to provide the harried practitioner of forestry with a synoptic review of recent...
  4. Key Resource
    2011-01-01 Lack of food security is one of the biggest challenges that Central Africans face each day as they toil in their gardens, trying to produce enough food to simply feed their families and afford other expenses in life such as health care or schooling for their children. Main factors limiting...
  5. 1995-10-19 At Wood-Mizer, our workers truly believe in doing the right thing for the right reasons. Since the company's beginning, Wood-Mizer's shareholders chose to donate a portion of the profits that the company made. Over the years, Wood-Mizer's 10% tithe has benefited Indiana schools, and schools as...
  6. 1997-04-19 Information about reforesting extremely eroded mountain soil with eucalyptus, a tree that is often maligned by farmers and development workers because of its supposed competition for water with food crops.
  7. 1998-05-19 Advice about milling lumber from tropical trees.
  8. 2006-01-20 FMNR is a form of tree coppicing and hence depends on the presence of living tree stumps that resprout after cutting.
  9. 2010-04-01 Jean Remy Azor owns and manages his own “ti fore” (little forest) in Haiti. He started it in 1984 and has not had to replant it since. He tells of his experiences with it.