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  1. Leafy greens Edible parts -Leaves, Vegetable, Flowers A cabbage plant. The leaves are ruffled or crinkled but some are more smooth than normal kales. The leaf shape and colourvaries considerably. The flowers are yellow or white.
  2. Fruit Edible parts -Leaves, Oil, Seeds, Flowers A cabbage family herb. It is an annual plant. It grows 1.5 m tall. It usually has a strong taproot. The stem is erect. The leaveshave blue-green colour. The lower leaves have leaf stalks. The leaf blade is 5-20 cm long. The veins have some bristles....
  3. 2004-01-01 This is a collection of separate papers: Seed Processing & Storage, Isolation Distance for Seed Crops, Bean Seed Production, Brassica Seed Production, Cucumber Seed Production, Pepper Seed Production, and Tomato Seed Production. papers vary 17-35pages, illustrations