1. This is the second volume of 4 describing the wild, sometimes cultivated, plant species of tropical Africa traditionally used in local medicine.
  2. This is the first volume of 4 describing the wild, and sometimes cultivated, plant species of tropical Africa traditionally used in local medicine. Some of these plants are not only used for human health care, but are also applied as veterinary medicine or as poisonous plants used as pesticide,...
  3. A collection of writings on ginseng and other medicinal plants.
  4. How to extract, what to extract, and how to use tropical plants in medicine.
  5. An inspiring work of oral history, Earth and Spirit explores and celebrates Puerto Rico's tradition of botanical medicine as it was practiced up to the 1980s. This lively and deeply personal glimpse of Caribbean healing presents the voices of dozens of people who knew, loved and worked with...
  6. In this book, the author set out to describe some important medicinal plants, the diseases and complaints for which they can be used, some recipes for the production of medicines and information about dosages, and some cautionary notes about the side-effects of these treatments.
  7. This booklet discussed over 200 plants - giving local names, botanical descriptions, methods of collection, processing and propagation.
  8. Combines a field guide to finding and preserving medicinal plants with a detailed home advisor to their uses in cooking, cosmetics and health
  9. 1998-01-01 This book has been written as a work-study guide for students and others interested in learning about medicinal and aromatic species, plants commonly known as herbs. This book of laboratory exercises familiarizes the reader with production, propagation, identification, maintenance, landscaping,...
  10. This accurately illustrated guide gives detailed descriptions of over 200 plants to enable easy identificaiton, and provides information on the distribution and natural habitat of each species.