1. This collection contains resources and photos from ECHO AsiaBiosand Water Filtration Workshops occuring on: 15 October and 22 October2021 18 March 2022
  2. 30-03-2017 Making Silage in Vichada Tech Note Spotlight: Biosand Water Filter Echoes from our Network: Member Highlight Adria and Job From ECHO's Technical Respose Team: Appropriate forage crops for clay soils From ECHO's Seed Bank: Forage peanut
  3. Tài Nguyên Chính
    01-01-2001 Access to clean drinking water remains one of the greatest challenges in the world. The BioSand Filter is one method that can be used for purifying water at the household level. With this filter, contaminated water is filtered through a natural biological layer and then layers of sand, pebbles...
  4. 15-08-1988 These proceedings contain summaries of the principal discussions and recommendations of the workshop. An extensive bibliography is also included. 240 pages, illustrated
  5. The design for the filters used today was developed in 1981, by Dr. Fernando Mazariegos of the Central American Industrial Research Institute (ICAITI) in Guatemala, whose intent was to create low-cost filters, manufactured locally, that would make bacterially contaminated water potable. These...
  6. Meribah Ram Pump, based in Thailand, offers appropriate technology products (ram pumps and bio sand water filters) and related expertise. A downloads page,on Meribah’s website offers plans and other information related to building and installing ram pumps and bio sand water filters.
  7. 12-08-2016 The Biosand Filter Construction Manual describes what a biosand filter is and how it works. It also describes the steps to construct, install and monitor Version 10 biosand filters. Available Online