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Making Silage in Vichada

Tech Note Spotlight: Biosand Water Filter

Echoes from our Network: Member Highlight Adria and Job

From ECHO's Technical Respose Team: Appropriate forage crops for clay soils

From ECHO's Seed Bank: Forage peanut

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Forage Peanut

Forage peanut is a perennial herb native to Brazil that is found throughout South America and has many uses.

Making Silage in Vichada

Dexter B. Dombro

La Pedregoza is a 2,650 hectare (6,545 acre) tree plantation and natural reserve in the Colombian department (state or province) of Vichada, in the Orinoco River basin. The plantation uses sustainable practices and natural silviculture, seeking whenever possible to emulate the climax vegetation of the region, using organic fertilizers and biological controls. The focus of the plantation is to produce forest products that do not contaminate the soil or water systems, while actively practising conservation and biodiversity preservation.

Tech Note Spotlight

Libby Arcia

ECHO regularly publishes agriculture technical notes to address important agriculture development issues.  Here is a short excerpt from a tech note on Biosand Water Filter.  It is available on ECHOcommunity.org

Member Highlight - Meet Adria and Job

Meet Adria and Job, ECHOCommunity.org members who work in Honduras through God makes it grow, a ministry committed to serve God as His workers while He makes things grow. Through agriculture, business, and water projects God Makes It Grow aims to develop discipleship. Adria and Job have attended ECHO conferences and classes which are available to all our community members.

Appropriate forage crops for clay soils

Question from our Network

"In Honduras, I am dealing with a very challenging soil situation. It is at 4000 feet of elevation. It is a clay that packs very tight almost impossible to dig when dry. About half of the year it is very dry and a few months of the year it is very wet. Can you recommend forage trees or shrubs that could be used as cut and carry for sheep in this location?  In other words, what forage plants tolerate both drought and water logged situations at an elevation of 4000 feet?"  - Tom Braak

Suggestions from ECHO Interns Melissa Larson and Meg Robel

Here is a list of forage trees that will be excellent fodder for sheep (I have used both the gliricidia and lucaena with good results in Honduras). These should be able to withstand the over wet and then over dry clay soils, and should be readily found throughout the country.