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This collection contains resources used in the ECHO Asia Seed Storage Technologies Workshop on 25 Feb 2022.

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  1. This presentation gives an introduction to different low-cost seed storage options for small-scale farmers.
  2. These are a few images from the Seed Storage Fundamentals Workshop in February2022CLICK HERE to return toworkshop resources.
  3. Tài Nguyên Chính This article is from ECHO Asia Note # 37. Seed saving in sub-tropical and tropical climates is challenging. Without equipment designed to maintain dry and cool environments, the quality of seeds may quickly deteriorate. High temperature and humidity during storage increase seed metabolism and...
  4. Tài Nguyên Chính This article is from ECHO Asia Note # 31. Saving your own seeds can be a cost-effective way to access crop seed for future planting and to help maintain the planet’s plant biodiversity. Whether you plant your own saved seeds, give them away to friends and neighbors, or distribute them through...
  5. Tài Nguyên Chính Introduction Given the proper facilities necessary to store seeds long-term, whereby low temperature and low humidity are kept stable over time, it is very possible to store most orthodox seeds for several years at a time in the tropics (Harrington, 1972). Unfortunately, implementation and...
  6. Tài Nguyên Chính This article is from ECHO Asia Note #27 Các Nguyên Tắc Bảo Quản Hạt Giống Cần Xem Xét Khi lập kế hoạch để xây dựng một “Phòng Lạnh” hoặc “Phòng Bảo Quản Hạt Giống” nhằm mục đích bảo quản khả năng nảy mầm của hạt giống, trước tiên phải xem xét đến các nguyên tắc cho việc bảo quản hạt giống cách...

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