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This collection contains resources used in the ECHO Asia Seed Saving Fundamentals Workshop

Click here to see photos from events on 5 November 2021 and 28 January 2022

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  1. This presentation was given during the Seed Saving Fundamentals workshop at the ECHO Asia Small Farm Resource Center. This presentation discusses the current state of seed saving, how to classify seeds, seed types, and seed production.
  2. Key Resource 2002-01-01 Seed storage is often a problem in the tropics. However, if seeds can be properly dried, they will remain viable for a longer period of time. The seed drying cabinet described here can help improve the viability of seeds in storage. What's Inside: Introduction Description Diagram Observations ...
  3. Key Resource
    2019-01-07 Two broad categories of seeds exist, referred to as recalcitrant and orthodox. The former must be kept moist and planted soon after they are collected; large-seeded fruits such as mango and avocado are typical examples. The second type of seeds are discussed in this document. Orthodox seeds are...
  4. Key Resource
    2014-06-01 When you come across an especially promising local variety of a crop grown in your area, how can you enable other farmers to try out this variety? If a farmer gives you 30 seeds of an exceptional variety, how might you go about distributing these? How does seed flow happen in and among...
  5. These are a few images from the Seed Saving Fundamentals Course on 5 Nov 2021CLICK HERE to return toworkshop resources.
  6. These are a few images from the Seed Saving Fundamentals Course on 28 January2022CLICK HERE to return toworkshop resources.

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