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  1. 19 Juni 1992 More discussion on consumption of Velvet Beans.
  2. 19 Juni 1992 Information about making a skin ointment from Moringa oleifera. Herbal applications are commonly used to treat skin infections in developing countries, although few investigations are conducted to validate scientifically their popular use. A previous study had showed that Moringa oleifera...
  3. 19 Desember 1993 More information about using Moringa seeds for water treatment.
  4. 19 Oktober 1995 Leaf Concentrateis an extremely nutritious food used to alleviate malnutrition. The process ofmaking LC separates the protein, vitamins, and minerals from the fibrous portion of fresh green leaves. LC is very rich in vitamin A, iron, calcium, high-quality protein, and other key dietary elements....
  5. 19 Oktober 1994 Information regarding Quinoa.
  6. 19 Januari 1995 More information about detoxifying Velvet Beans.
  7. 19 Oktober 1994 In some parts of the world people roast sorghum, as is done with corn (roasting ears) in the United States. Roasting bird resistant sorghum at the dough stage may not sufficiently remove the cyanogenic glycoside dhurrin.
  8. 19 April 1996 2,4-D is the most widely used herbicide in the world and the third most widely used in the USA.
  9. 19 Juli 1996 Information about using Chaya to feed pigs.
  10. 19 April 1997 Information about seed set and nutrition of velvet beans.