This series of articles on water management has been reprinted with permission from Thailand’s Natural Farming Magazine and serves as an introduction to small-scale water management. Many of the ideas offered in these articles are consistent with permaculture design principles, which promote farmer resiliency against varying weather extremes. To read more about permaculture options for smallholder farms, please see this “Permaculture in Development” article by Brad Ward in ECHO Development Note #129.

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Tandon Air, Saluran-saluran “Usus Ayam”, Distribusi yang Efisien, dan Tata-Kelola Air: Memerangi Krisis Sekaligus Memenuhi Kebutuhan Sendiri

Boonsong Thansrithong - Agriculture Program Manager; Translated by: Patrick Fitzsimons


Farmers are people who are directly affected by drought, so it’s important they have sustainable methods of obtaining water for both consumption and use. This is the reason for the “mound, reservoir, and paddy” water management project. This project is the brainchild of Ajarn Wewat Salayagamthon (Ajarn Yak), president of both the Sufficiency Economy Institute and the Agri-Nature Foundation of Thailand.