1. Abstract,Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 2020 The study examines the effects of adoption of sustainable land management practices on farm households’ technical efficiency (TE) and environmental efficiency, using household-level data from Ghana. We employ selectivity...
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  4. 20/10/2020 Cette fiche technique a été élaborée pendant la saison culturale 2008/2009 par les techniciens d’Africare et du Service d’Agriculture du Cercle (SAC) de Goundam. Les consignes techniques décrites dans cette fiche sont issues i) de l’étude bibliographique des pratiques SRI ailleurs dans le monde,...
  5. 20/01/2010 A Guide for Farmers AVRDC
  6. 20/01/2010 The Microgardening technology is mainly based on 1 or 0.5 m2 wood tables and therefore, can be installed everywhere. Land is an issue in peri-urban/urban and even in some rural areas. The technology can be installed everywhere in household compounds (even in terraces and balconies) to replace...
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