1. 01/01/1977 119 pages, tables FAO Soils Bulletin 35
  2. 01/01/1986 37 pages, tables
  3. 01/01/2005 Notebook, various page numbers, illustrated, photos FAO Soil Bulletins
  4. 09/01/1990 457 pages, illustrated IBSRAM Proceedings no. 10
  5. 20/07/2007 This article takes a fresh look at what is going on in the soil, especially in relation to soil organic matter and the organisms it supports; how this life in the soil is impacted by our land care practices; and how it in turn impacts the productivity of our farms.
  6. 20/07/2008 CHOfarm manager Danny Blank says that the principles in EDN 96 “revolutionized the way I look at the land and understand the impact agriculture practices have on the overall health of soils.”
  7. 20/12/2013 Soil quality, also known as soil health, is the capacity of the soil to function – how well it fills the roles we need it to, whether in a natural or managed ecosystem. A variety of measures are used to gauge soil health; although we can use these characteristics as indicators of soil quality,...