1. 01/01/1979 Cornell International Agriculture Bulletin 36
  2. 01/01/0980 424 pages, tables
  3. 01/01/1980 Agriculture in the Tropicsis one of the most successful and widely read books in the Tropical Agriculture Series and offers a general account of all the factors that affect agriculture in the tropics. It details the economic and physical factors that affect tropical agriculture and discusses land...
  4. 01/01/1983 38 pages, illustrated
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  8. 01/01/1978 TropiFarm, El Convento B-31, San German, Puerto Rico 243 pages, illustrated
  9. 01/01/1989 The present report is concerned with one particular aspect of this search for new production techniques and systems, that of phytopractices, after "phytopratiques" in French. This is a new term describing all those treatments which may improve, select, propagate or preserve plants on an...
  10. 01/01/1877 Excerpt of a longer work. Discussion on indian corn, rice, broom corn or millet. 54 pages