1. 20/07/2011 Rudy Poglitsh, Former intern working in Swaziland, sent in a question about health of Avocado trees. The problem seemed to be low pH. "We have about 18 avocado trees in the ground. Almost all of them are over five feet tall. The soil is very poor, and the leaves are a pale green/yellow. We are...
  2. 19/06/1992 Feedback from the network regarding cashew production.
  3. 19/10/1995 "Fruits of Warm Climates" is an authoritative source for information on sub/tropical fruits from around the world.
  4. 19/07/1994 Nitrogen fertilizer should not be applied to trees and shrubs directly after transplanting.
  5. 19/03/1995 Carambola will not come true from seed.
  6. 19/02/1998 Dr. Phil Rowe, with the Honduran Foundation for Agricultural Research (FHIA), has developed two robust hybrid bananas that are resistant to Black Sigatoka. These new hybrids are also resistant to Panama disease and tolerant of nematodes.
  7. This book serves as a companion to 100 Tropical Fruits, Nuts, and Spices for the Central African Home Garden. Drawing on over 30 years of experience in Central Africa, Roy Danforth and fellow authors have developed this manual to guide people in establishing a variety of multipurpose trees in the...
  8. 19/12/1998 Cashew (Anacardium occidentale) may be known as a poor man’s crop, but this is probably because it grows well on sandy soils of poor fertility. In Mozambique and Tanzania, cashew occupies lowland areas close to the coast with a rainfall between 900-1300 mm (35.5-52 in) per year.
  9. 20/03/2000 Question from Chester Brinser (World Relief Nicaragua) . Reply by Danny Blank, nursery manager at ECHO.
  10. 19/10/1996 The atemoya is one of those fewfruits that can be considered a fully adequate dessert.