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Custom Collection created by JC for Cameroun.

  1. Guazuma is a small to medium-sized tree that grows up to 30 m tall. Its leaves form a compact, rounded canopy, remaining green throughout the year except in areas with a long dry season. It is used as a source of fuelwood, shade, and fodder for livestock.
  2. The genus Leucaena includes several multipurpose tree species and interspecific hybrids that can withstand almost any type or frequency of pruning or coppicing. They are native to Mexico and Central America, and now abundant in the Philippines, West Africa, Nepal, Australia and Hawaii. Spanish...
  3. 23/10/2017 La question suivante a été posée à ECHOcommunity Conversations (le nouveau forum de ECHO): « Je suis à la recherche de recommandations pour un certain type de culture qui pourrait me permettre d’empêcher le bétail d’entrer dans mon champ, mais qui ne va pas envahir les cultures à proximité....
  4. 21/11/2019 Session :Living fences can offer an affordable and appropriate solution using existing local resources. A range of possibilities in establishing living fences and the many considerations to find the best match will be explored in his talk. Presenter :Dan Janzen is a Pioneers International...
  5. Ressource principale
    01/01/1991 Il existe plusieurs raisons pour lesquelles ont établit des clôtures végétales sur les petites fermes. Elles servent : 1. à marquer une frontière entre deux fermes ou le long d’un chemin, 2. à séparer deux champs adjacents utilisés à différentes fins, 3. à protéger les animaux et à éviter qu’ils...
  6. Buffalo thorn is a thorny, bushy shrub or small tree of semi-arid climates, growing to 12 m in height. It is used for its edible fruit and livestock browsing. The tree is good bee forage, and makes good firewood, charcoal, fence posts and furniture. Because of its thorns and tangled branches, the...
  7. Gliricidia is a fast-growingnitrogen-fixing tree that grows up to 15m in height. It is used for living fences, green manure, fodder, honey production, wind breaks, and fuelwood. This tree tolerates dry, acid, alkaline, and salty soils and was traditionally grown to shade cocoa trees.
  8. Gumbo Limbo is a very hardy, fast growing tree native to the West Indies and Central America. At maturity it reaches 30 m (100 ft). It is tolerant to long periods of drought and is easily propagated.

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