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  1. Ressource principale 01/12/1994 Focuses on the processing of four cereals - maize (or corn), rice, sorghum, and wheat. A useful guide for those intending to set up a cereal-processing enterprise. Topics include harvesting, threshing, storage, milling, hulling, baking and fermenting. (Food cycle Technology Source Books)
  2. Ressource principale 01/01/1994 This book looks at milk processing, traditional methods and products, improving milk processing technologies, socio-economic considers and includes case studies.
  3. Ressource principale 01/11/1993 This source book describes the traditional methods of fish processing and then looks at new and improved techniques which in most cases can be constructed locally. Types of processing covered include drying, salting, smoking and fermenting.
  4. Ressource principale 01/12/1993 Offers the non-specialist an insight into the ranges of methods and equipment available for preserving products, increasing the quality and range of foodstuffs and indicating where the hazards are when setting up a small food processing concern.
  5. Ressource principale 01/09/1993 Offers guidance on the selection of appropriate equipment for small businesses, with case studies and technical information about each type of machine. For field workers training for food processing projects, and their trainers, and the non-specialist.
  6. 01/06/1989 Amazon.com Description An ELBS/LPBB edition is available.
  7. Ressource principale 29/04/2003 This guide provides development workers and small-scale entrepreneurs with the basic information and advice that they need to set up a small-scale food processing enterprise. Part one considers the food processes that are suitable for different crops including fruit and vegetable products; cereal...
  8. Small-Scale Food Processing describes the stages and equipment needed to process selected foods in each commoditiy and catalogues different sizes and types of equipment. There is also a chapter on packaging, which plays an essential part in the preservation, hygiene maintenance and marketing of a...
  9. Ressource principale 19/01/1995 Small-scale vegetable oil extraction presents the options available for processing a range of common oilseeds from domestic to village scales of operation. Details are provided on the type and source of equipment, and the requirements for financial success are examined. 2 Copies

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