1. 1/1/1984 El propósito de este libro es mostrar a los granjeros locales y otros los pasos básicos para diseńar, ejecute, y mida un agrícola el experimento. Este libro no cubre el anlysis estadístico; es asumido que ese estadísticos especializados están disponibles para esto el propósito.
  2. 19/10/1997 Rebuilding lost soil fertility A tool for quantitative farm analysis Intensification of swidden agriculture in the Philippines Poor soils need organic matter Indigenous green manure in Nepal New Kekulam Recycling household waste in Egypt Biomass transfer
  3. 1/1/2016 The current conception of organic farming is the result of nearly a century of intellectual thought and dialogue, field observations and experiences, systematic experimentation, and codification of rules. Debates on the future viability of organic farming often focus on its capacity to produce...
  4. Report on an FAO/UNDP Study Tour to the People's Republic of China 28 April-24 May 1977 This manual purpose is to acquant senior staff from developing countries with practices in the recycling of organic wastes in agriculture and to exchange experience.