1. This group page exists so that individuals involved in Fruits around the world can connect. We encourage you to share the challenges you face in your endeavors, discuss lessons and techniques learned through your experiences, and share your story!
  2. Five Decades with Tropical Fruit is the personal journey of WIlliam Francis Whitman. This 496-page book contains his collected papers and hundreds of photographs extending back to when he got the tropical fruit "bug" on a 1947 trek to Tahiti. 2 Copies
  3. 1/1/1993 Know and Enjoy Tropical Fruit is filled with interesting details about 141 tropical fruit and nuts. It explains how to identify, harvest or purchase, and how to store or tell the ripeness, and how to eat tropical fruit.
  4. The definitive guide to exotic fruit; includes delightfully innovative recipes.
  5. 1/4/2009 This article is from ECHO Asia Note #1 When ripe, the yellow and apricot-colored fruit of the marian plum (Bouea macrophylla Griff.) seem to glow among the tree's glossy green leaves. The ripe fruit of marian plum offers an edible, crisp skin and juicy flesh. Besides being eaten raw as a dessert...
  6. Recurso clave
    1/1/2007 Por Dr. F. W. Martin. Publicado en partes, 1989 y 1994; revisado en 1998 y 2007 por personal de ECHO Aunque casi todas las plantas son útiles de alguna manera, no todas son igualmente valiosas. Por ejemplo, el trigo, el arroz y el maíz pueden ser considerados las plantas más valiosas en el mundo...
  7. This publication deals with edible tropical fruits and nuts including thosethat grow in Puerto Rico.