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    20/1/2011 Durante más de 30 años hemos trabajando con pequeños productores en África Central, hemos disfrutado de la maravillosa exuberancia de sus bosques, sabanas y ríos. Además, hemos tenido el privilegio de poder conocer algunos de los variados grupos de poblaciones, con sus distintas culturas e...
  2. This folder contains useful information on being self-sufficient with such topics as making a garden, growing trees, food processing, simple stove, animal care,sanitation and providing clean water. page numbers for each section, illustrations
  3. 1/1/2014 332 pages, illustrated
  4. 74 pages, illustrated, tables Park located at Homestead, Florida
  5. 1/1/1985 H-164 59 pages, illustrated
  6. "Organic Orcharding" will teach you everything you need to know about planning, planting, and maintaining your very own orchard.You'll also find insightful tips on: Developing woodlots Preventing diseases in fruit and nut trees Maintaining healthy fruit and nut trees Storing your produce And...
  7. An evaluation of the environmental aspects of fruit trees in agroforestry reveals that there can be significant advantages of soil improvment, microclimatic amelioration and environmental protection in fruit tree-based agroforestry systems.
  8. 20/7/2011 Rudy Poglitsh, Former intern working in Swaziland, sent in a question about health of Avocado trees. The problem seemed to be low pH. "We have about 18 avocado trees in the ground. Almost all of them are over five feet tall. The soil is very poor, and the leaves are a pale green/yellow. We are...
  9. 19/6/1992 Feedback from the network regarding cashew production.
  10. 19/10/1995 "Fruits of Warm Climates" is an authoritative source for information on sub/tropical fruits from around the world.