1. 19/11/1997 If I intercrop sweet potato with taller plants, how much will that reduce the productivity of the sweet potato?
  2. 1/4/2010 ECHO consideró de qué manera nuestros recursos pueden ser más útiles a la luz del reciente devastador terremoto ocurrido en Puerto Príncipe, Haití. Nuestra principal fortaleza está en el área de información agrícola pertinente para los cooperantes para el desarrollo, voluntarios de proyectos y...
  3. 19/5/1998 Sweet potato produces tubers when it is STRESSED. That is why, in intercropping, it produces more leaves and fewer tubers.
  4. 3/2/2015
  5. 1/1/2007 This 8-page fold-out leaflet, practical for use in the field and easy to read, covers the subject of making sweet potato chips and flour. It gives some background information, outlines the processes and provides tips, tables and explanatory line drawings.