1. 12/8/2016 The Biosand Filter Construction Manual describes what a biosand filter is and how it works. It also describes the steps to construct, install and monitor Version 10 biosand filters. Available Online
  2. Recurso clave 1/11/2005 Inadequate drinking water and sanitation are amongst the world's major causes of preventable morbidity and mortality. This book provides a state-of-the-art review on approaches and methods used in assessing the microbial safety of drinking water. It supports the rapidly emerging trend towards...
  3. 1/10/2002 Solar Water Disinfection (SODIS) is a simple, environmentally sustainable, low-cost solution for drinking water treatment at household level for people consuming microbiologically contaminated raw water. SODIS uses solar energy to destroy pathogenic microorganisms causing water borne diseases and...
  4. Recurso clave 21/8/2009 Most water and sanitation facilities used by households or operated by small-scale enterprises were built without external support. This shows there are alternatives to the large centralized conventional systems. More importantly, small-scale solutions have proven to be cost effective....
  5. 15/5/2013 Sustainable Decentralized Water Treatment for Rural and Developing Communities Using Locally Generated Biochar Adsorbents An Introduction to Bokashi Fertilizers and Soil Amendments
  6. 19/12/1993 More information about using Moringa seeds for water treatment.
  7. 19/7/1996 La desinfección de agua por medio solar se puede utilizar para reducir el número de bacterias en pequeños volúmenes de agua potable a nivel del hogar particular.
  8. 20/7/2013
  9. 20/6/2000 Presentamos el trabajo del Dr. Lowell Fuglie conel árbol de marango en Nicaragua.
  10. 20/7/2001 After the publication of our article on clay water filters (EDN71-4), we were questioned about the safety of colloidal silver.