1. 9/9/2020 Tentempiés deliciosos que puedes hacer en casa.Este libro explica cómo hacer cueros de frutas como una manera de preservar una cosecha abundante. Usa con permiso material de "Practical Action". Esta edición fue publicada en el Reino Unido en 2020 por MissionAssist.
  2. 1/3/1983 44 pages, tables Produced by the Tropical Products Institute, a British government organization which cooperates with developing countries in helping them to derive greater benefit from their plant and animal resources.
  3. This publication presents technical "how to" information based on Peace Corps experience in development work in a format and language appropriate to field workers without previous specialized training.
  4. This publication presents an introduction to the basic theories of solar drying and outlines the principal operating features of the main solar dryer designs, including a detailed description of the construction and operation of the three most common dryer types. It provides guidelines on...