1. Composting is the natural process of 'rotting' or decomposition of organic matter by microorganisms under controlled conditions. Raw organic materials such as crop residues, animal wastes, food garbage, some municipal wastes and suitable industrial wastes, enhance their suitability for...
  2. 1/4/1979 Clearly explains the biological and chemical processes involved in composting, detailing various methods constructing a heap and making and using compost from a wide range of materials.
  3. 1/1/1979 Jack Temple has put together a step by step program on how to reduce kitchen and garden waste and at the same time improve garden soil.
  4. 1/1/1991 This guides provides valuable information on composting yard, garden and vegetatative food waste to handle home waste. 2 copies
  5. 1/1/1980 This book explains how "any soil can be cultivated and any plants grown, a garden in which no treatment of any kind, prevention or curative will be applied, considering as we do that a treated soil or plant is incapable of producing a sturday lineage." It also contains information on producing...
  6. 1/1/2014 The safe, clean and convenient way to compost ALL of you food scraps . Bokashi composting is a safe, quick and convenient way to compost in you kitchen, garage or apartment, using microorganisms to anaerobically ferment all food waste (including meat and dairy). Since the process takes place in a...
  7. This publication contains a quick bibliography series.
  8. This publication describes the procedure for making compost.
  9. This Agrodok has been written for people who work with small scale farmers in developing countries and for anybody with an interest in composting and organic fertilizers.
  10. This publication includes an article from EDN #123 with additional pictures from Bill & Gerry Cotton's garden.