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  1. 1987-01-01 765 pages, illustrated, tables Number 13 in the series Agronomy
  2. 1995-01-01
  3. Norman Borlaug is the mild-mannered maverick who lifted the world s food supply and saved a billion lives. He died the day before this book went to press. Having spent more than a decade assessing him and his contributions, the author sadly appended a few thoughts that included the following:...
  4. Having received the Nobel Prize for Peace, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the Congressional Gold Medal, Norman Borlaug ranks beside Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa. But few people know his name. Our Daily Breadshows why Borlaug should also be a household name. It...
  5. 2006-10-20 A new strain or strains of wheat stem rust are especially dangerous, because many wheat cultivars in major wheat producing countries show little or no resistance. The spores of the fungus are well adapted for long distance travel on high-altitude wind currents.
  6. Key Resource 1987-07-15 The most comprehensive wheat disease identification guide in print. Covers more than 100 diseases, disorders, and pests.