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  1. This book describes a project to consider if you would like to raise and market a fruit, vegetable, or flower crop, or if you have already completed a project in horticulture and would like a new challenge. 24 pgs, illus
  2. Access Agriculture Training Video As individual farmers lack resources to invest in, or learn about, Conservation Agriculture. This video shows a group in Kenya that has come together to share knowledge and equipment and to assist each other. Available languages Arabic Bambara English French...
  3. Access Agriculture Training Video Farmers selling pumpkins right after harvest get a low price because there are so many. They can sell them at a better price during the off-season by storing them. Available languages Arabic Bambara Bangla Chichewa / Nyanja English French Hindi Tumbuka
  4. Access Agriculture Training Video Traditionally, honey was sold in the comb, but nowadays most consumers prefer honey that is extracted from the comb. This processed honey is clean and ready to use, and can be stored over a longer period of time. To ensure that honey keeps its quality, you have...
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  6. 2011-07-20 ECHO has not often shared marketing information and advice, because markets tend to be uncertain and volatile. Advice that is good for one location might not be helpful in another. Yet we recognize the important influence of economics and marketing in the lives of small-scale farmers. Although...
  7. 2003-01-20 Lately we have received a number of letters wanting to know about marketing moringa products. In particular, several farmer groups in Uganda have written to say that they are growing a considerable number of moringa trees and now are asking us where to sell the products.
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