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  1. 2006-09-20 Bridging the gaps between researchers' and farmers' realities Improving service delivery in Yunnan, China Better livestock management in Guatemala Documenting, validating and scaling-up local innovations From piloting to scaling up Change through shared learning In search of new sources of...
  2. 2017-02-07 Successful pig raising factors 1.Good breed 2.Good food 3.Good house 4.Good management 5.Good disease prevention
  3. 2018-02-22 Green Leafy Vegetables and Powders for Improved Nutrition in Honduras Member Highlight: Elioena Arauz,Artists for Soup, Nicaragua Echoes from our Network: Deep Litter System ECHO Resource Highlight: Green Leafy Vegetables Technical Note Spotlight: "Linking Smallholder Farmers to Markets"
  4. 2002-01-01 La cría de los cerdos se realiza en casi todas las regiones habitadas del mundo, con excepción de las zonas árticas y subárticas y algunos climas desérticos extremos. Se adaptan a una amplia variedad de climas y sistemas de producción-desde los muy primitivos hasto los altamente sofisticados.
  5. We, the North West Pig Farmers Co-operative, NOWEPIFAC, are a group of enthusiastic pig farmers in Cameroon. Our motto is "Fighting the Feed, Marketing and Disease Crisis of Pig farming". We have many ideas and are very keen to develop its skills in pig farming.
  6. The site is devoted to gather a maximum of research and development institutions working on pig production and wild hogs in tropical regions, in order to promote research results. With a strong commitment to create a “Tropical Pig Network”, PigTrop website aims to be a collective platform to...