1. This basic booklet can be seen as a first-aid kit for those who live in isolated places and cannot easily diagnose a disease or have an analysis made of feed quality.
  2. This publication includes topics that help with raising goats successfully.
  3. How to run a dairy goat farm with information on diet, environment, diseases and more.
  4. Book that covers the origin of the goat, myths and facts, data about the goat, goat milk, meat, skins and hair, nutrition and physiological factors.
  5. The management advice in this publication is planned to help you run your goat business to make a profit.
  6. This booklet includes some basic guidelines on dairy goat management. It is designed to give the back yard owner a good start in the pleasurable avocation of owning Dairy Goats.
  7. The goat raising techniques described in this handbook have been tried and tested by the authorsfor almost 10 years.
  8. This manual is one of a series of informational and training materials prepared in the area of goat diseases and health. The manual is intended for use in countries or localities where there is limited or no access to veterinarians. It is specifically designed to assist agricultural development...
  9. The author's sincere desire in preparing this booklet is that it will serve to be readily used as a reference and aid in the raising of goats. Veterinary information and assistance are in short supply or nonexistent in many areas of the world. The author has endeavored to write this booklet in a...