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  1. 2004-01-01 Notebooks, various paged sections, illustrated, photos
  2. 1979-03-27 This publication reports on the first annual conference of the Florida Dairy Goat Association. It discusses the importance of goats and their products, nutrition, and diseases. 74 pages, tables
  3. 2008-04-15 Heifer International is pleased to present a new, revised edition of Raising Goats for Milk and Meat. This introductory handbook provides an experience-based training model on the basic care and management of dairy and meat goats. The new edition includes training guidelines, a learning guide...
  4. 1984-03-01 This handbook was developed by the USDA to provide comprehensive information on goats. Notebook, various page numbers
  5. 1976-11-15 Participants in this workshop included international authorities on sheep and goat production and on agricultural development. These technical papers and following discussions have been summarized by the editors of these proceedings. 43 pages
  6. This basic booklet can be seen as a first-aid kit for those who live in isolated places and cannot easily diagnose a disease or have an analysis made of feed quality.
  7. This publication includes topics that help with raising goats successfully.
  8. How to run a dairy goat farm with information on diet, environment, diseases and more.
  9. Book that covers the origin of the goat, myths and facts, data about the goat, goat milk, meat, skins and hair, nutrition and physiological factors.
  10. The management advice in this publication is planned to help you run your goat business to make a profit.