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  1. For thousands of years, man has raised goats for a multitude of uses. Goats, as a species, are recognized as one of the first farm animals (before cattle and hogs) to be domesticated and used for human consumption. Versatile and hardy, goats thrive in many different environments and provide milk,...
  2. Arthropod pests limit production in the goat industry in many ways. External parasites feed on body tissue such as blood, skin and hair. The wounds and skin irritation produced by these parasites result in discomfort and irritation to the animal. Parasites can transmit diseases from sick to...
  3. Key Resource 1996-01-01 A guide to the practical management of goats in both tropical and temperate countries. Chapters on different breeds, nutrition and feeding, reproduction and kid rearing, and health and routine husbandry are included in the text.
  4. 1984-03-01 This handbook was developed by the USDA to provide comprehensive information on goats. Notebook, various page numbers
  5. 2018-02-06 Your complete guide to raising healthy dairy goats! Raising a healthy, productive milking heard requires lots of information and close attention to detail. This comprehensive handbook is the only reference you'll need.
  6. 1998-01-01 Las cabras fueron de los primeros animales domesticados. La mayoria de los países del mundo han usado a las cabras como fuente de carne y leche desde los primeros días de que se tenga emoria en la historia.