1. Key Resource 1998-01-01 This book is a valuable guide for anyone concerned with the management or production of forage, especially by the smallholder farmers and pastoralists in the tropcis and subtropics. It covers the principles of forage husbandry, as well as the functions of different types of forage resources and...
  2. The emphasis in the book is on practical aspects of forage production. We hope than any forage producer or agricultural worker, regardless of the extent of his or her scientific training, can read and understand all parts of the publication. It is not a textbook, but we feel it could also be used...
  3. This Forage Field Guide has been designed as an in-field reference. Therefore, information presented is necessarily brief.
  4. This mnual is a guide to the production and use of leucaena primarily as a forage crop. A companion publication discusses the production of leucaena for wood and other uses.
  5. This report presents the information given at the CTA Seminar on Livestock feeding systems in the Caribbean and their use of non-conventional feed sources.
  6. The aim of this series of publications is to bring together published information on selected genera of trees which have the potential to increase the supply of fodder for ruminants. This booklet on Cassia summarizes published information on the fodder characteristics and nutritive value of one...
  7. A completely revised edition of this well known and respected text on pastures. Describes in detail currently available temperate pasturespecies and their growing requirements. Includes full colour photgraphs of many species. 1st, 4th & 5th Editions available.
  8. This manual outlines a standard evaluation methodology, which will enable researchers throughout the region to obtain meaningful results from their forage plant evaluation, whilst still alowing comparisons between sites.
  9. Luecaena is a tropical tree with a wide assortment of uses. Increasingly, foresters and farmers in the tropics are exploring its potential, and the area planted to leucauena is expanding rapidly. 1st and 2nd Editions Available
  10. A how-to on perennial feed production with guidelines for small farms in the humid tropics.