1. A listing of tropical fruit trees and vines including scientific and common names with a description of the plant.
  2. The books's forcus is on commercial production rather than subsistence. It emphasizes techniques to produce good quality fruits and nuts that can be sold and fetch good prices. It outlines techniques for propagating and planting, gives options for processing produce of each species, and tells how...
  3. Discusses the quality of American food, explains how to select the most nutritious varieties of fruits and vegetables, and offers advice on their cultivation, harvest, and storage
  4. This publication offers scientists, graduate students, extension faculty, and other professionals an opportunity to increase their knowledge of tropical fruit crop horticulture, production, and plant physiology.
  5. 1990-01-19 This publication discusses the role of fruit trees in tropical agroforestry systems. 29 pages 2 copies
  6. This book is a compilation of articles by various authors on tropical fruits, herbs, and spices, etc.
  7. This book lists 100 tropical fruits, nuts, and spices of Central Africa. It detailsthe description, growing conditions, production, cultivation practices, uses, and nutritional value of each.
  8. 1981-01-01 A listing of Common and Scientific Names for tropical fruit. Along with the names, the native area, season, uses, and propagation are detailed for each. 20 pages
  9. 2007-03-01 This book features both common and hard-to-find fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and bamboo for Southwest Florida. It includes fruiting trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, fruiting vines, brambles, tropical vegetables, herbs, spices, bamboo, tropical and subtropical fruit tree ripening chart,...
  10. Volume 2 of this revised edition of Tropical Fruits examines the more specialist tropical fruits such as guava, durian, mangosteen, passion fruits and palm fruits. With growing interest in the cultivation, production, study, sales and marketability of these specialist fruits, this is a timely and...