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  1. 1971-01-01 This publication discusses how to grow sweet potatoes, the areas in the world where they are grown, and diseases of them.
  2. These papers summarized research efforts, described programs, identified problems with extension of rodent control technology, and outlined some new work, such as biological control, that may lead to more effective ways to reduce rice losses and the impact of rodents on community well-being.
  3. 1988-01-01 This publication lists all the infectious diseases and noninfectious disorders of the sweet potato. It includes symptoms, causal organism and disease cycles and pathogenesis.
  4. 2003-01-01 The main conclusion of this thesis is that intercropping maize or sorghum with molasses grass does not enhance the foraging behaviour of stemborer parasitoids. The results provide insight as to whether habitat diversification can be used to enhance the effectiveness of the parasitoids against...
  5. 1977-01-01 This publication discusses all aspects of growing mung beans from climate, cultural management, weed control, pests and disease to harvesting and storage.
  6. 1975-01-01 A complete book on tomatoes for the new gardener and a valuable reference tool for the experienced home vegetable grower. Here is all you need to know about: The right soil for tomatoes Starting seedlings Planting facts and garden care Protecting plants in early spring and late fall Staking and...
  7. The aim of this Agrodok is to inform extension workers and smallholder rice farmers in tropical Africa about current views concerning efficient, profitable and sustainable lowland rice farming and rice processing.
  8. A variety of physical, chemical, and biological control methods have been suggested by various authors for each of these purposes.
  9. 1983-01-01 Lethal yellowing is a pandemic disease of coconut palm which has a high potential to become an international threat to palm trees. This publication looks at thesearch for a cause, where it has spread to, control and the biology.
  10. This paper presents basic information on the biology of most insect pests of rice and describes the damage inflicted by them.