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  1. 1997-01-01 The first comprehensive, illustrated guide to vector control methods suitable for use by individuals and communities. Published at a time when large-scale control programs organized by governments are declining, the manual aims to help non-professionals understand the role of vectors in specific...
  2. 2008-01-01 The Gift Publisher: Gospel Communications, [2008] Media: DVD Summary:A story that will make you understand the difficult issues that are facing people in the developing world today. It tells the story of how all of us can make a difference by finding the courage to change. Description: 1 disc
  3. 2012-01-01 Nation 2 Nation: Extending The Growing Season Publisher:Nation 2 Nation, [2012] Media: DVD Summary:Danny Blank teaches tropical farmers how to take advantage of their climate to have year-round food production. With many helpful photos and illustrations, Blank lays out numerous strategies to...
  4. The objectives of this guide is to raise awareness of the extent of post-harvest losses due to pests and diseases, to increase awareness of the benefits of maintaining genetic variability and traditional crop varieties, to introduce the concept of grain banks, and to introduce new concepts of...
  5. This book brings together resources and information that will help the propsective volunteer find an appropriate placement.
  6. 1987-01-19 Communicating Development is basically a consolidation of lessons gained by the community facilitators of the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) in developing communication materials.
  7. 1997-01-19 The premise of the manual is that ongoing self-evaluation is a participatory learning process.
  8. 1989-01-19 "This training of trainers workshop has been designed for field staff of Save the Children Federation and for our partners in development around the world."
  9. 1990-01-01 This book describes how slide programs and filmstrips can be used to inform, motivate and train people in developing countries. 56 pages, illustrated
  10. 2017-08-14 This contains information presented by ECHO in theironeweek course on community development. No page count, illustrations