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The ECHO Asia Foundation Thailand, a regional extension arm of ECHO Inc., exists to equip and empower workers in agriculture and community development so that they can be more effective in their work with smallholder farmers and the poor in Asia to improve food security and livelihoods. We do this by providing free resources, information, training, and seeds to our network members residing in Asia.


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We want to serve you!

Here at ECHO Asia, our vision is to equip and empower workers in agriculture and community development. We do this...


On our website...

For more information please email us at echoasia@echocommunity.org



  • We offer technical and advisory services to network members and like-minded organizations through paid consultations at your farm or project site.
  • We help organize and provide the personnel to host or co-host regional workshops and trainings with our partners.
  • We promote capacity building of our partners by hosting Asian National Interns at our farm for 2-6 month internships.
To request our involvement on the regional level, please complete our Regional Request Form.


At our Small Farm Resource Center & Seed Bank...

  • We host individuals and small groups for educational tours of the farm and seed bank. These 1-2 hr contextualized conversations will introduce you to ECHO Asia and give you a more dynamic experience of our work and a better idea of how we can partner together.
  • We lead flagship courses on Seeds, Soils and Feeds Foundations, Seed Saving and Banking, Soil Fertility Management, On-farm Livestock Feeds and Appropriate Technologies.
  • We offer Customized Courses tailored to meet the needs of our partners.
  • We sell seeds and cuttings from our ECHO Asia Seed Bank as profiled in our ECHO Asia 2019-2020 Seed Catalogue and ECHO Asia Seed Bank store. Our members qualify for 10 free seed packets per year!
To connect with us on the farm through a tour, or to request a workshop or a training, please complete our On-Farm Request Form.


We would love to meet you!

ECHO Asia Farm Biz Card Feb19We are PLEASED to welcome visitors to our Small Farm Resource Center & Seed Bank!

If you are interested in taking a tour, participating in a workshop or designing a training for your team held at our farm, please fill out our On-Farm Request Form.

We currently offer:
* Educational Farm Tours (Tues-Fri mornings only)
* 1 Day Workshops on One Focus Topic
* 3-5 day Trainings on Select Sustainable Agriculture & Community Development Practices

We also welcome long-term volunteers and Asian National Interns.

To contact the farm directly, please email us at: asiahospitality@echocommunity.org



Dr. Ed Sabio, Director

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Mailing Address

Office: PO Box 64, Chiang Mai 50000 Thailand

Physical Address

Office: 270/5 Tung Hotel Road Soi 6, T.Watgate, A.Muang, Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand

ECHO Asia Small Farm Resource Center & Seed Bank: San Pa Pao, San Sai, Chiang Mai 50210 Thailand

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ECHO Asia Impact Center Updates

ECHOcommunity Member Spotlight: Mr. Tuntun and Thaung Si 2020-04-08

Excerpt from a report by Patrick Trail – ECHO Asia

As I walk the farm with Mr. Tuntun in rural Myanmar, I can’t help but smile as he proudly shows me the biochar he now makes and uses in his potting mix for his fruit tree seedlings. Instead of burning, he now turns his organic waste material from the farm into a valuable resource that can be used to produce more crops, instead of losing his carbon to the atmosphere through smoke.

About one year ago, Mr. Tuntun attended a Seed Saving Workshop in Pyin Oo Lwin and learned how to make biochar during one of the hands-on sessions. He immediately returned home and tried it for himself, and has been very successful. Mr. Tuntun now even hosts a facebook page where he shares his farming techniques with other Burmese-speaking farmers, explaining practices like biochar, among others!

Thaung Si and TunTun

Thaung Si (left) and Tuntun (right) showing off sword bean seed that came from the ECHO Asia Seed Bank and is now being grown out to supply the seed bank there in Myanmar.

So much of what has happened here stems from our key partner in this region, Mr. Thaung Si. As a longtime friend and partner of ECHO Asia, Thaung Si has joined us for training events on numerous occasions and we have learned much from him as well. Three years ago he established a Community Seed Bank at the Lisu Baptist Theological Seminary. Through his seed bank he teaches agriculture and gardening practices to students, and has had a major impact on many lives, sowing seeds of many different types. It was here that Mr. Tuntun and nearly one hundred other local farmers and participants received the training in Biochar and other techniques last year, and Thaung Si follows up with them regularly.

The community of ECHO has many partners as dedicated as Thaunag Si throughout the region, and around the world. These partners, when well equipped, are capable of equipping so many more!