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Meet two keynote speakers for ECHO's 29th annual International Agricultural Conference 2022-08-09

Joyce Njoro 

Joyce Njoro serves on the Nutrition and Social Inclusion team at the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). She leads the organization in agriculture-nutrition linkages and rural development investments, targeting smallholder farming families. Joyce has extensive experience in government policy and the intersection of education, agriculture, and healthcare.  

Jack Shoemaker

Dr. Jack Shoemaker grew up in Bolivia alongside indigenous people groups as his parents were Bible translators. He has worked with Amazonian peoples and Sudanese families through community development and teacher training. Jack uses his experience and passion for Linguistics and Anthropology to teach at Dallas International University focusing on balancing cultural systems with Biblical exegesis.  

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About ECHOcommunity

ECHOcommunity is a membership community that provides access to nearly all of ECHO’s resources online, as well as communications tools to help development workers connect with each other.   View a list of ECHOcommunity.org features here.

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Upcoming events

Introduction to Tropical Agriculture Development
Mon, 12 September 2022 » Fri, 16 September 2022

ECHO Global Farm, USA

This course covers a broad range of topics relevant to those starting out in agricultural development in a tropical environment. The purpose of this class is to expose you to several different ideas and concepts. Although a significant amount of time will be spent looking at examples on the ECHO Farm, given the breadth of topics covered, extensive hands-on farm work should not be an expectation of taking this course. Those interested in preparing for short to long-term involvement in inter...

Community Development Education Course
Mon, 12 September 2022 » Fri, 16 September 2022

ECHO Asia Small Farm Resource Center, Thailand

  This ECHO Asia CDE training workshop is designed to help community development workers improve the adoption rate of new technologies among smallholder farmers. The principles and practices are taken from standard CHE (Community Health Evangelism) training and applied to this specific focus.    We will discover how core values enhance the process of adoption. We will explore how adults learn through the use of a key facilitated teaching style that peaks interest, engagement as w...

ECHO West Africa Forum on Sustainable Agriculture
Tue, 27 September 2022 » Thu, 29 September 2022

Pacific Hôtel, Burkina Faso

This meeting will emphasize the methods of soil organic fertilization, the use of pesticides and organic fertilizers, as well as organic conservation methods. It is a framework for meeting and sharing between agriculture practitioners, technicians, small farmers, NGOs, etc.

ECHO International Agriculture Conference
Tue, 15 November 2022 » Thu, 17 November 2022

ECHO Global Farm and Holiday Inn, USA

For Full Details Visit The Conference Website For twenty-eight years, ECHO has brought together networks of like-minded individuals devoted to eradicating hunger and improving lives through agriculture and community development. For the past two years, due to novel coronavirus, ECHO’s Annual Conference moved online. This year we are returning to our in-person event. We are thrilled to invite you to join us in Fort Myers, Florida on November 15th-17th to connect once again together on E...

Latest Resources

Plantes M{caron}dicinales/Medicinal Plants R{caron}sultats de Recherches /Research Results

Le présent ouvrage est d'abord scientifque.  De façon rigoureuse, il retrace l'histoire récente de l'étude des plantes médicinales au fil des décenneies qui ont précédé puis suivi la colonisation.

A travers une rev...

Plantes medicinales /mode d'emploi

L'auteur a fait un travail remarqueable de compilation, de synthèse et d'élaboration de connaissances nouvelles à pàrtir de son expérience de pharmacienne conseil, et de scientifique de haut niveau.  Ce travail est également...

Personnages French Characters

Personnages is a comprehensive two-semester or three-quarter intermediate program that provides practice in listening, speaking, reading, and writing French.  It also connects you with people and places in the French-speakin...

Ensemble Grammaire French Grammer

This provocative and complete intermediate French language program offers selections from contempoary documents and media. Each chapter of this three volume program is cordinated thematically and linguistically with the othe...

Drive and Learn French

A musical language course for people on the go. Convinced that you don’t have time to learn French? Think again. Drive & Learn French uses catchy melodies and musical rhythms to teach you basic French expressions and voc...

An Invitation to French

Would you like to speak French?  Then you must learn to think en français,  Here's a book that will lead you to make la conversation and to express your idées in French.

Manuel de techniques d'expression ecrite et orale: a l'usage des ecoles d'agriculture; Handbook of Oral and written techniques of making yourself understood: for use by Agriculture schools

Ce manuel est conçu comme un guide pédagogique et non comme un simple recueil de «recettes».  L'esprit dans lequel il doit être exploité fait appel aux principes de la pédagogie active.  Pour chaque thème, la démarche consis...

Invitation au monde francophone

S'appuyant sur un engagement fort our le développement de compétences réelles, Invitation au monde francophone permet aux étudiants de comprendre les peuples de la francophonie et de communiquer dans des contextes culturelle...

Les Zoonoses: Les maladies transmissibles de l'animal a l'homme Zoonoses: Diseases transmitted from animals to humans

Les maladies infectieuses zoonotiques qui peuvent être transmises des animaux aux humains - constitutent une mance importante pour la santé humaine.  Cette brochure vise à sensibliser à ces maladies les personnes qui vivent ...

French Phrase Book & Dictionary

This publication is a practical listing of words and phrases organized with color coding into basic expressions/accommodations, eating out, travel, sightseeing, stores and services, health, bilingual dictionary and reference...

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