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Resources on Parthenium 2017-02-15

Except: Parthenium hysterophorus, also known as carrot top, white top weed, and fever few is a fairly new invasive weed but has quickly become one of the worst weeds to tropical areas(CABI 2015). In Ethiopia it is known as Farmasissa which means “sign your land away” (IAPPS 2016). Originally from Central America, Parthenium has been seen to cause major problems in India and Southeast Asia, Australia, and East Africa. In 2015, Parthenium is said to have invaded roughly 34 countries globally (Strathie 2015). A fast growing highly reproductive invasive species, Parthenium has become a hazard to farmland, rangeland, as well as animal and human health. (From Parthenium hysterophorus by Emalee Allen)

Recent interest from ECHOcommunity network members has prompted the creation of new resources raising awareness of Parthenium.

Document: Parthenium hysterophorus by Emmalee Allen (ECHO Intern)

Video: Parthenium hysterophorus produced by ECHO East Africa and featuring researcher Hannah Haeker (Wheaton College’s HNGR – Human Needs and Global Resources program) presents a five-minute training video on challenges and solutions regarding this plant. (Video contains English and Kiswahili)

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Upcoming events

ECHO Sierra Leone Forum 2017
Tue, 28 February 2017 » Thu, 2 March 2017

Hill Valley Hotel, Sierra Leone

Event Rescheduled! We are excited to announce that the first ECHO Sierra Leone Forum has a new date in February. We are pleased to inform you that ECHO is organizing a forum on sustainable agriculture in Freetown. This ECHO forum aims the bring knowledge and to strengthen networking for the benefit of people fighting against hunger, poverty and those serving the poor in Africa trough agriculture and appropriate technologies. Plenary sessions will be conducted during three morning...

Forum à Kindia en Guinée Conakry
Tue, 7 March 2017 » Thu, 9 March 2017

Friguiagbé, Guinea

Ce forum ECHO vise le renforcement du réseautage au profit des personnes qui luttent contre la faim, la pauvreté et ceux qui servent les pauvres en Afrique. Les séances plénières se dérouleront pendant trois matinées par des personnes ressources de la Guinée et de la région ouest-africaine et seront suivies par des ateliers dans l'après-midi. Les groupes de discussion seront animés par des fonctionnaires et des experts de l'agriculture régionales, y compris vous-même si vous souhaitez partage...

ECHO Second Nigeria Forum
Tue, 21 March 2017 » Thu, 23 March 2017

Calvary ministries (CAPRO) Conference auditorium, Nigeria

After the great success of the last ECHO forum in Ibadan/Nigeria, ECHO WEST AFRICA has decided to continue its aim of empowering all actors in the agricultural area (development actors, agricultural actors, farmers, peasants…) with knowledge and appropriate technologies in the city of Jos. The ultimate goal of ECHO is to help people fighting against hunger, poverty and those serving the poor in Africa trough agriculture and appropriate technologies and also to strengthen networking among the ...

Permaculture Design Certification Course
Tue, 25 April 2017 » Mon, 8 May 2017

Rancho Mastatal Sustainability Education Center, Costa Rica

Join Ranco Mastatal's diverse team of permaculture instructors Scott Gallant, Mitch Haddad, Santiago Miranda, Rachel Jackson, Sam Kenworthy, and Laura Killingbeck for this annual life-changing 2-week experience. The course covers the core Permaculture Design curriculum and emphasizes creating diverse multi-functional human landscapes based on ecological patterns. Utilizing Rancho Mastatal as a living classroom, the class will mix lectures and hands-on work, exploring design solutions for both...

Seed Saving: A Practical Overview for Small-scale Seed Banking
Tue, 9 May 2017 » Thu, 11 May 2017

ECHO Global Farm, USA

ECHO offers over 350 varieties in its Florida seed bank requiring diverse approaches to growing, processing, and storing seeds. This three-day course will begin in ECHO’s seed production plots to help participants better understand how crops are managed and harvested. Techniques related to both wet and dry processing of seeds will be practiced, as well as, essential tasks such as germination testing. Long-term seed storage approaches including vacuum sealing and cold storage will be explored,...

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Why Reach One Farmer When You Can Reach One Million

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Root Crops Using Conservation Agriculture

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Cheers and Challenges of Conservation Agriculture in Kenya

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Cucumber as an intercrop

Nathanael Szobody submitted the following in response to an update in EDN 123 on research ECHO is doing in South Africa.  We thought these comments were particularly interesting and insightful, as they illustrate the contrib...

ECHO Plants that Attract Pollinators

The ECHO Florida Seed Bank offers a wide variety of useful crops, many of which naturally attract pollinators (Fig. 3).  Encouraging beneficial insects in your garden is a key component in promoting biodiversity, controlling...