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ECHO exists to reduce hunger and improve lives through agricultural training and resources. A non-denominational Christian organization, ECHO has regional impact centers around the world working to connect small-scale farmers, and those working to eliminate world hunger, with essential resources and each other. The ECHO international headquarters is located on a tropical agriculture research and demonstration farm in North Fort Myers, Florida.

Through ECHOcommunity.org and the ECHOcommunity Mobile App, ECHO provides agricultural and appropriate technology training and resources to development workers in more than 165 countries.  These resources represent a vast knowledge base of practical information, experienced technical support and an extensive seed bank focused on highly beneficial underutilized plants. 

ECHO also works to identify, validate, document and disseminate best practices in sustainable agriculture and appropriate technology. 

Through ECHOcommunity and events worldwide, ECHO creates opportunities for field-based practitioners to connect with each other to share experience, ideas and encouragement.

What is ECHO?

Children, women, and men worldwide experience hunger and malnutrition due to a variety of resource, climate and social issues. The need for sustainable solutions to improve food security has never been greater.

ECHO exists for one major reason, to help those working internationally with the poor be more effective, especially in the area of agriculture. We do this in three ways:

ECHO's Core Services:

  • Education and Training
    • Internship Programs
    • Hands-On Experience
    • Formal Education
    • Workshops
  • Innovative Options
    • Publications such as ECHO Development Notes
    • Technical support through the Technical Response Unit
    • Seeds of underutilized crops
    • Agricultural Technical Documents
  • Networking
    • Conferences, Symposia and Forums Worldwide
    • Correspondence
    • Strategic Partnerships

How To Use ECHOcommunity.org

ECHOcommunity is a membership community that provides access to nearly all of ECHO’s resources online, as well as communications tools to help development workers connect with each other. 

As a collaborative environment it is is important that members contribute by asking and answering questions, contributing resources, and by sharing what they have learned while implementing agricultural and development techniques in the field. 

Membership is required to access certain areas of ECHOcommunity.org such as the ECHO seed bank, submission of questions and comments in ECHO Conversations and questions directed to the ECHO Technical Response Unit.    ECHOcommunity.org has moved to an Open Access format effective May, 2018 for all documents and links except as noted.  View a list of features here.

Membership is free to all, and special benefits are offered to development workers who are working internationally.