1. 1994-01-01 Educational chart project developed by Jan Powell, Ray McNeilan, JR & Associates, Consulting No page numbers, illustrated
  2. Sponsored by Double Harvest Inc. [et al] No page numbers, illustrated
  3. This publication is intended for the instruction of agricultural extension, home economics, nutrition, health and other community development agents working with households and communities. Home gardens are found in many humid and subhumid areas of Africa. These gardens have an established...
  4. The first new edition in ten years of the bible of Florida gardening. Addressing the needs of gardening novices, seasoned hobbyists, and horticultural professionals alike, the author created a reference book that no Florida gardener should be without.
  5. Understanding Rootsuncovers one of the greatest mysteries underground―the secret lives and magical workings of the roots that move and grow invisibly beneath our feet. Roots, it seems, do more than just keep a plant from falling over: they gather water and nutrients, exude wondrous elixirs to...
  6. This manual represents the culmination of Evergreen's three-year community-gardening project entitled Growing Opportunities. It draws on the experiences and lesson learned through our partnerships with a number of Toronto-based social service agencies.
  7. This circular examines 25 Florida farmers' garden records or budgets, and shows that, on average, and excluding family labor costs, farmers save $575 per garden by growing their own. Using individual farmers' gardening plans and budgets, we also compare an expensive garden, in which the farmer...
  8. It is the purpose of this paper first of all to discuss from a theoretical standpoint a system of raised bed gardening that may be appropriate for use within the Amazon basin. Following this there is a discussion of the lessons learned as this system was employed.
  9. Anyone can start a tree nursery and a home garden too. This guide has been produced to help you do this at school and at home. Tree nurseries offer young people a great way to get involved in practical conservation work. 2 Copies
  10. This manual was designed to help development workers in starting kitchen garden projects in conjunction with health and nutrition programs.