Industrial crops provide oils, fiber, or chemicals from leaves, seeds, bark, or roots for income or on-farm use. Plants in our collection are used for edible oil, confection, forage, fiber, fuel oil, or as a pesticide.


  1. 1996-10-19
  2. 工业作物从叶子、籽、树皮或根给收入或农场内使用提供油、纤维或化学物质。我们系列中的植物用于制作可食用油、蜜饯、饲料、纤维、燃料油或杀虫剂。
  3. The AAIC is an international, nonprofit educational and scientific organization established to Encourage and promote the activities of those involved in the production, processing, development, and commercialization of industrial crops and products derived from industrial crops Educate and inform...

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