1. 01-01-1989 Home Economics for Secondary Schools 161 pages, illustrated
  2. Water of Life Project - La Gonave, Haiti 13 pages, illustrated
  3. 01-06-1974 The FAO of the UN provides advice and assistance to member governments in their agricultural planning and development so as to ensure that their food supply meets the needs of the people.
  4. This book presents the core information of an introductory nutrition course.
  5. This publication is intended for the instruction of agricultural extension, home economics, nutrition, health and other community development agents working with households and communities. Home gardens are found in many humid and subhumid areas of Africa. These gardens have an established...
  6. This thesis describes research on the role of foods for improving vitamin A status of breastfeeding women in Indonesia.
  7. Proceedings of a symposium sponsored by Divisions S-4 and C-6 of the Soil Science Society of America, Crop Science Society of America, And the American Society of Agronomy, in Anaheim, CA, 28 Nov.-Dec. 1982. This publication is a compilation of papers presented at a symposium held at the 1982...
  8. This booklet can help you find out what is wrong with what you are eating as well as what is right.
  9. This publication reports on the National Multisectoral Nutrition Action Plan that was developed in Tanzania to combat malnutrition.
  10. If you want to explore the basic facts regarding the wide-spread pollution of the Earth and our food supply, you will want to read the book from cover to cover.