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  1. 28-01-2015 An overview of how to use predatory insects in integrated pest management systems, including earwings, stink bugs, green lacewings, etc).
  2. 27-01-2016 A description of the biocontrol Beuveria, how it is used, and how to produce it.
  3. 28-01-2015 Introducing trichoderma, a biocontrol, how it is used, and how to produce it.
  4. 28-01-2015 An overview of the workshop topics including integrated pest management, natural herbicides, Beuveria, Trichoderma, etc. Translated from Thai to English.
  5. 28-01-2015 Learning about pest control - applying BT (Bacillus thuringiensis) and BS (Bacillus subtilis); demonstration on creating natural pesticides from herbs.
  6. 28-01-2015 An overview of various microbial pesticide options and how they are used.