1. 2007-05-01
  2. 2002-01-01 Seed storage is often a problem in the tropics. However, if seeds can be properly dried, they will remain viable for a longer period of time. The seed drying cabinet described here can help improve the viability of seeds in storage. What’s Inside: Introduction Description Diagram Observations
  3. The World Vegetable Center, as the name implies, focuses on vegetables to reduce poverty and malnutrition. Their website has numerous, helpful resources and publications. Among them are videos on how to save vegetable seed. They cover amaranth, eggplant, nightshade (see EDN 103), pumpkin and...
  4. 1994-04-19 “Carrots do not usually flower in the tropics. Eighty years ago a group of Portuguese growers plantedcarrots from Portugal and the Madeira Island in the southernmost state of Brazil. Some of these plants flowered and produced seed. Plant breeders from Sao Paulo and Brasilia independently...
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    2007-01-20 Seed saving is surprisingly easy with some vegetables, possible but somewhat difficult for others, and almost impossible for still other vegetable crops. It would help to know what the issues are; some basic techniques for seed saving; and which vegetables are easy and which are more difficult.
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    2006-10-20 Grains usually produced in ASAL areas are sorghum and the millets. One of the best options for a legume is the green gram or mung bean.
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    2006-10-20 What happens to seed yield if a crop is planted in a warmer climate or if global warming causes temperatures to rise? Increased carbon dioxide levels may encourage some plants to grow larger and increase crop yields, but elevated temperatures could leave some seed crops sterile.
  8. 2016-05-26 To maximize their investment in quality seed, it’s important for small-scale vegetable farmers to learn how to raise healthy seedlings. In this video produced by the World Vegetable Center for the VINESA project, researcherAgatha Aloyceexplains simple steps farmers can follow, such as making and...