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Dill Pickles

Braised Fava Beans

Dried Winged Beans and Rice

Stuffed Swiss Chard

Cooked Greens

Fettuccini Chayote (Vegetable Pear)

Fried Curry (Pods)

Fried Okra


Fried Winged Bean Pods

Fried Winged Bean Seeds

Gingered Carrots

Corn & Amaranth Griddlecakes with Spicy Black Beans

Indian Pumpkin Mash

Fettuccini Chayote (Vegetable Pear)

Winged Bean Flower Fritters

Winged Bean Flower Omelet

Sweet Potato with Coconut

Lentil Fry

Sweet Potato Sautéed Greens

Vegetable-Cheese Sauce

Winged Bean Cutlets

Corn with Moringa Leaves

Buttered Taro with Watercress

Long Beans with Nuts

Mediterranean Fava Skillet

Millet & Cheddar Polenta with Roasted Vegetables

Tandoori Vegetables

Winged Bean Fried Leaves

Papa a la Huancaina

Winged Bean Kenda

Boiled Chestnuts

Amaranth and Potato Casserole

Winged Bean Leaf Mallun


Winged Bean Waddai

Burdock-Mushroom Sauté (Gobo Root)

Oyster Plant with Tomatoes

Chaya Casserole


Papaya Pickle

Pod Mallun

Pickled Winged Bean Pods

Pigeon or Congo Pea, Papaya, Moringa, Winged Bean Chicken Guinat-An

Pumpkin Carrot Casserole

Snow Pea & Bean Sprouts

Taro with Yogurt and Olives

Winged Bean Seed Curry

Pumpkin Dumplings

Pumpkin Vine Tips


Sautéed Vegetables with Cassava

Winged Bean Tempered Seeds

Winged Bean Waddai

Tofu Curry

Winged Bean Leaf Curry

Bok Choy with Cilantro Soy sauce

Breadfruit Vegetarian Burger

Peanut Butter Chaya

Peanut Butter Chaya is a staple at ECHO.  With the leaves so plentiful, and the plant so hardy, we almost always have leaves to harvest for a healthy green side dish.