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  1. Sumber Daya Utama 01 Januari 1987 Maize covers in detail the characteristics and requirements of the crop and how to grow it in a variety of African zones and farming systmes, with relevance to the Caribbean and other tropical areas.
  2. 01 Januari 1972 The Home Vegetable Garden: A Handbookprovides infomation on the reasoning and process of strating a personal vegetable garden. This book includes information including a home garden harvest, sucession plantings, a small garden plan, garden tool and equipment, and much more.
  3. Content Included in this Resource: Soil and Climate Fertilisation Plant Spacing New Trends in Popular Density Management-Commercial Planting Date Verietal Choice Planting Mid-season Management Hard Facts About Weeds and Maize Yield Forcasting in Maize
  4. This publication includes chapters on cell tissue culture and in vivo manipulations and on molecular genetics of corn. The information relative to genetic control of important physiological processes is explored in a chapter on the use of physiological traits in corn improvement. Those chapters...
  5. 03 Oktober 2017 In this workshop, I will describe and diagram the common sloping land corn and rice farming system. I will then identify leverage points within the system and how development workers can work with farmers to make these systems more sustainable.
  6. Hand-pollination is a technique used by seed savers to ensure that plants produce seed that is true-to-type and that flowers are not contaminated by the pollen from another variety. The process varies among species, but with plants that produce unisexual flowers like corn, the uncontaminated...