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  1. Abstract, Water, 2015 The evolution of the major achievements in water lifting devices with emphasis on the major technologies over the centuries is presented and discussed. Valuable insights into ancient water lifting technologies with their apparent characteristics of durability, adaptability,...
  2. 01 Juli 2012 Vacuum Sealing vs. Refrigeration: Which is the most effective way to store seeds? The Crop Genetic Pump: A Possible Task for NGOs
  3. 20 Oktober 2007 For many years, a popular demonstration on ECHO’s farm has been the rope washer pump, made from materials that are available in any country—PVC pipe, an old tire, rope, washers made from tires, and a little wood. Because it can be made on the farm it can also be repaired by those who made it.
  4. Creole Document - Making a pump with plastic pipe