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  1. Les caramboles sont cultivées en Asie du Sud-Est depuis des siècles. De nos jours, c'est un fruit très populaire dans les tropiques. L'arbre du carambole est à croissance lente, à tronc court, avec une couronne arrondie, touffue, large et arrondie, et atteint une hauteur de 20 à 30 pi (6-9 m). Il...
  2. 19/03/1995 Carambola will not come true from seed.
  3. 20/10/2004 Carambola is an excellent fruit to grow in the tropics because it has prolific fruit production, high nutrition, almost continuous fruiting, wide appeal and is very adaptable to different soils and locations.
  4. Recipes for the use of starfruit.
  5. Growables Origin The carambola is believed to have originated in Ceylon and the Moluccas but it has been cultivated in southeast Asia and Malaysia for many centuries.2 The generic name is after Averrhoes (1126-98), the widely known Arab Philosopher. The specific name, ‘carambola’, is said to have...
  6. Edible Porion: Fruit, Flowers, Leaves, Spice A small evergreen tree up to 6-12 m high. The trunk of the tree is short and crooked and has branches near the base. The barkis smooth and dark grey. A leaf is made up of 2 to 11 leaflets with a leaflet at the end. The leaves are darker and more shiny...

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