L'origine ancienne était probablement la région indo-birmane ou peut-être la Chine. La plante s'est maintenant étendue aux régions tropicales, subtropicales, tempérées chaudes et aux serres dans des climats plus froids.

Florida Market

'Florida Market' is an open-pollinated, large, purple eggplant, maturing in 78-90 days. It is resistant to Phomopsis blight and fruit rot.


‘Jilo’ is a large, woody eggplant, with fist-sized, red fruits, and very fuzzy purple green leaves.

Long White

'Long White' variety was found in Indonesia and has been a staple eggplant at ECHO since 1987. The fruits are 20-25 cm long, solid white fading to yellow when mature or over mature.

Pingtung Long

'Pingtung Long' is a  long, slender, oriental variety, resistant to many diseases and a favorite at  ECHO. The fruit is purple with white stripes, slender, straight, 20 cm long, and 3.5 cm in diameter.

Rosa Bianca

‘Rosa Bianca’ is a small, 10-15 cm round eggplant, with pale purple skin, and delicate flavor without bitterness. It was a top performer in an ECHO variety trial and matures in 80-90 days.


‘Yellow’ is very productive in hot, humid weather. The fruit is green, turning yellow when mature. It has proven productive at ECHO even when affected by nematodes.

Mae Tha Crispy Green

Fruit is 2-3 cm in diameter and crispy. Eaten raw as vegetable, in salads or with spices like chili paste.

Mae Tha Small White

A strong variety and prolific producer. Crunchy texture. In Thailand, it is often eaten raw with chili paste.

Crispy Purple

Small local eggplant light purple in color. Often used for eating with chili paste.

Tung Kwang Tong

Deep purple in color and fleshy meat; 20 cm (8 in) long and 28 cm (11 in) round


Has few seeds located in bottom half of fruit, productive, about 10in long. Color is dark and light purple with white stripes.


Giant white fruit around 800g

Burmese Bitter

Color is green and red, with bumpy ridges. Flavor is bitter and often eaten with chili paste.


This variety is easy to grow in all tropical seasons. The fruit has a round shape with some stripes and a crispy taste. It is suitable for the fresh market and many recipes. Harvest time is 45 days from transplant.


Perennial, producing many large fruits all-year round. Plant in cold season. Fruit is edible while young.

Black Beauty


Crispy Maetha

Bitter Eggplant

Lao 16009TH

Lao 17008TH

Lao 17009TH

Lao 17010TH

Lao 17011TH

Lao 17012TH

Small Eggplant