1. 1/3/1982 This booklet looks at the fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts & sees, spices, and roots of Jamaica. it includes a description of each and uses of each. It also looks at herbal remedies. 34 pages, illustrated
  2. 1/1/1985 Miller walks the reader through a hands on course in herb and spice production on the small farm--at a profit.
  3. 1/1/1992 This accurately illustrated guide gives detailed descriptions of over 200 plants to enable easy identificaiton, and provides information on the distribution and natural habitat of each species.
  4. An inspiring work of oral history, Earth and Spirit explores and celebrates Puerto Rico's tradition of botanical medicine as it was practiced up to the 1980s. This lively and deeply personal glimpse of Caribbean healing presents the voices of dozens of people who knew, loved and worked with...
  5. The Healing Herbs is meant to increase your knowledge of the latest developments in the use of plants for medicinal purposes.
  6. This book remains today one of the major texts on herbs, natural diet and lifestyle and holistic health.
  7. 8/1/1973 This book discusses many of the culinary and medicinal herbs native to North America, the kinds that were well known to the Indians and early settlers. 303 pages, illustrations
  8. 1/1/1989 Whether it's creating an herbal wreath for Christmas, a circular herb garden in April, a bridal bouquet in June, or a savory harvest feast, this lively book is brimming with dozens of exciting things to do with herbs every month. You'll learn to plant an indoor herb garden, make herb breads and...
  9. Are any herbs safe, effective, and suitable for self-treatment? The Honest Herbal answers this question with clear, concise, authoritative information backed by scientific references readers can check for themselves.