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Tanzania Organic Agriculture Movement (TOAM) is a registered NGO formed in 2005 under the NGO Act of 2002. We are an umbrella organization that coordinates and promotes the development of organic farming among farmers, distributors and consumers through networking and information distribution. TOAM sees development of the organic farming sector as a crucial factor for sustainable livelihoods and envisions establishing a vibrant, sustainable and mutually beneficial organic sector in Tanzania.

Our 115 members include various types of institutions and organizations such as farmers associations and cooperatives, NGOs, organic operators, companies, distributors, researchers and trainers. TOAM provides and distributes information on organic food to its members and other stakeholders in the whole of Tanzania.

Vision: TOAM envisions to establish a vibrant, sustainable, and mutually beneficial organic sector in Tanzania.

Mission: TOAM exists to provide capacity building on organic practices, quality management for compliance to organic standards, improvement to value chains, lobbying and advocating for supportive policies, and information collection and distribution.

Strategy: TOAM implements projects with partners to reach out and support smallholder farmers in improving their livelihoods and adapting to climate change while conserving the environment and biodiversity

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TOAM 3 - Soil and Water Conservation - 20/11/2019

Je, Ninahitaji kujua kitu gani kuhusu udongo na maji?   Mimea na wanyama wanahitaji maji wakati wote ili wakue vizuri.  Uhaba wa maji hupunguza uwezo wa udongo kulisha virutubisho kwa mimea inayokua, hata rutuba iwe nyingi kiasi gani.

TOAM 2 - Soil Organic Matter - 20/11/2019

Swahili Only.

TOAM 1 - Soil Fertility - 20/11/2019

Swahili Only